Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

It has been another great year for Kevin Scott Photography! Some new clients and fun with my existing one's as well. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of it.
Chicago Commercial and Advertising photographer Kevin Scott Photography

Friday, December 12, 2014

Graphic Design Sins

First of all, what is wrong with that banner?!
Have you ever wondered how to piss off your designer friends (or anyone who actually understands design) and make their eyes bleed? Well this photo sums it up pretty much.
This poster made by Shahir Zag that features Helvetica Bold, messed up leading, kerning and text alignment is surely an excruciating sight. It could have been worse if the designer chose to use fonts like Papyrus, Curlz MT, especially Comic Sans. Also, the poster made you pause several times that might have given you a concussion.
video made by BuzzFeedVideo called “How to piss off a Designer in 40 Seconds” recently went viral. The video makes designers cringe in pain or even smash their computer screens as it lists down the common graphic design sins that humanity still witness these days.
Through banners, we outlined some of these common graphic design sins in this feature. You! Be warned! The following images may cause severe headache.
Graphic Design Sin #1: Overusing drop shadow effect
There are other ways to make your design elements look 3D, right?
Graphic Design Sin #2: Using these fonts
Curlz MT!
The undisputed Comic Sans!
Graphic Design Sin #3: Stretching text
Stretching text elements either horizontally or vertically is a BIG no. Remember to enlarge text only through the four corners and please hold your SHIFT.
Graphic Design Sin #4: Bad color scheme or combinations
Next time, check out a colour wheel just to make sure you’re using the right combos.
Graphic Design Sin #5: This gradient effect
Some gradient effects work, but why would you even use this one?
Graphic Design Sin #6: Overusing the bevel tool
Skeuomorphs are not supposed to look like this.
Graphic Design Sin #7: Improper kerning
This kerning is so bad that you would want to call it keming.
Oh the humanity indeed!

  Gian (@gpbbautista) is a 20 year-old multimedia designer from Manila, Philippines. He specializes in graphic design, illustration, photography and interactive authoring. See his works on Behance or Tumblr.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Here are some of the screen grab images from a movie that I've had the opportunity to work on with a friend of mine. We originally started this last year and have more recently been putting together the concept trailer. I did a little camera works and lots of lighting.
These are only very roughly color graded.

Thursday, December 4, 2014